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- Poet Laureate Sir John Betjeman CBE (1906-1984)



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Saint Alban Albanus was England's First Martyr.

The British protomartyr. along with Saints Julius & Aaron, was

born in the Britain Roman Empire in  Verulamium - known today

as modern day St. Alban's in Hertfordshire.


According to St. Bede (c. 673 - 735) Alban lived in Verulamium,  during the 3rd or 4th century where he met the Holy - Priest

St. Amphibalus of Caerleon  (d. 304AD) during the sufferage of Christians.


Fleeing from persecutors Alban sheltered Amphibalu for a

number of days leading Alban to convert to Christianity.

The unnamed "impious prince" heard of Alban's deeeds and gave orders to the Romans to search Alban's house for the priest.


To protect a man of God Alban put on the priest's cloak and presented himself to the soldiers in place of his guest.


Alban was brought before the judge, who stood at the altar, offering sacrifices to "devils". Learning of Alban's actions and refusal to give up the man of God, it was ruled that Alban would be beheaded.


ST. ALBANUS (died c. 209 AD)

England's first proto-martyr

"I worship and adore the true living God who created all things."

Alban declared:


Walking to execution a fast-flowing river; The River Ver could not be crossed and offering himself as a Sacrofice to the LORD,

Alban raised his eyes to heaven, and the river dried up, allowing Alban and his captors to cross over on dry land.

His executioner cast down his sword and fell at Alban's feet, moved by divine inspiration and praying that he might either suffer

with Alban or be executed for him. The place of execution was a gently sloping hill,  covered with many wild flowers,  overlooking a

beautiful plain glimmering under the heat of the sun. Dry of Thirst Alban begged God for Water where a spring immediately sprang up

at his feet. At this spot on Holywell Hill - The site of St. Alban's Cathedrial of  1077 Alban was beheaded along with his converted executioner.


His relics lay in St. Alban's crypt - in the town he was born and on the spot he died.

At Our Church of St. Alban's - Ventnor, Our Palpit carved of solid oak is said to have come from the timbers of St. Alban's Cathedrial during rennovations a centary ago... and to this day, we spread the Good News from these timbers from the site and cathedrial of our Patron.


Just as Alban's water of a miricle and to bring to mind our baptism; there are several stoup's throughout the church blessed by our priest;

at the main entrance, Lady chapel and vestry. We also remember the shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham and gladly offer water from the fonts of the Holy Shirne which the Madonna requested of Lady Richeldis of North Nolfork in 1061.


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